Building Energy

Management Systems

User friendly BEMS systems designed to optimise your buildings environmental performance.

Building Energy Management Systems Services

BEMS is a cultivated and tested system that helps understand how much energy a building uses. We put you in control of your building’s environmental performance with solutions built to meet the most complex requirements; giving you control over energy input in order to get the most efficient energy output.

HVAC Controls

We can implement complete end-to-end solutions immediately, incorporating control panel design, software and graphics, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance.

Energy Management Systems

Our energy management solutions are designed to suit the specific requirements of each project we work on.

Third-Party Integrations
(Special Projects)

Our skilled engineers can expertly integrate our BEMS systems with a wide range of third-party systems including chillers, CHP units, lighting, security and fire.

BMS Graphical
Control Systems

As a trend and a CentraLine partner, we are able to offer full integration packages with leading front-end graphical interfaces. Our services provide users with real time readings, so they get the very best from their Building Energy Management Systems.

Popular internet browsers can be used to access the broad system’s information providing functions such as heating, cooling, air flow, energy efficiency and time scheduling. We have enhanced the user experience by creating system reports that benefit from real time data and easy to read results, highlighting performance energy savings quickly and efficiently.

Heating and Ventilation

Intelligent monitoring of building essentials such as heating and ventilation, controlled by a computer-based system that communicates with the buildings main mechanical plant.

Air Conditioning

Ensuring room temperature is automatically adjusted to provide optimum air quality and comfort whilst maximizing environmental benefits.

Lighting Controls

Energy efficient lighting systems integrated within your comprehensive BEMS system that are easily accessible through the graphical interface using real time data.

Smart Metering

Measuring your buildings energy through connected metering provides live data for facilities mangers, useful for when an impact on the building’s performance is occurring.

Project spotlight – Hammersmith Hospital

MRI Scanner Project

We recently completed a project at Hammersmith Hospital, London where we removed their existing BEMS panel and controls, as their system was in need of an upgrade due to its age.

We decided to upgrade their system to the Honeywell XL 500 and replaced their panel with a custom-built MCC panel. We can offer custom-built panels from our third-party specialists, built to cater to your specific needs.

Installation required us to replace and run a plethora of cables, sensors, switches, inputs and outputs. We also installed VSD giving power through the panel instead of going to go straight to motor, VSD signals pressure sensors to adjust depending on their set point.

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