Building Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

acl expertise and energy management solutions

Our energy management solutions are designed to suit the specific requirements of each project we work on with the sole aim of helping businesses reduce energy and maintenance costs while optimising their building’s performance. This includes energy analysis, reporting, and metering.

By continuously monitoring the performance of the BEMS and the connected plant we can identify any degrading performance by comparing environmental conditions and energy consumption. As a BCIA accredited company, we adhere to all regulations in order to complete safe works and fulfill our accreditation.

The benefits of energy management systems

The benefit of installing an energy management system is the ability to ensure your building is running seamlessly, with each individual component communicating with each other. For example, having a temperature sensor that instructs your heating system to turn on and your air conditioning to turn off when you’re building needs to be heated. This is crucial in paving the way to a more eco-friendly way of living; reducing the excess fuel and power used when a building is controlled manually.

And the integration opportunities are endless. We have the facilities to install weather sensors to the exterior of your window and when these sensors are triggered by rain or bad weather, the open windows will shut automatically. For hospitals in particular, technology like this can quite literally save lives. At a number of our sites we have installed a system that pumps positive air pressure into the rooms of cancer patients. This protects the patients from catching diseases and infections by keeping any exterior air out of their segregated environments.

Reducing energy and maintenance costs

The installation of an energy management system means you can ensure your building is running seamlessly with each system communicating with one another.

Eco-friendly living

The integrations opportunities are plentiful with specialist facilities promoting a more eco-friendly and controlled way of living.

Working across multiple sectors

We work across all our BEMS sites in multiple sectors, including Healthcare, Education and Stadia, installing and maintaining HVAC controls.

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