Tom Doyle

Sector: Hospitality
Time with acl: 11 years

Tom is a Senior Engineer at ACL and has been with the company for 11 years.


After leaving school Tom was offered an apprenticeship with ACL , 3 years later Tom completed his electrical engineering apprenticeship.

Tom has completed a substantial amount of manufacturer training courses such as Advanced, Salto, Gent and Cortech, all in aid of boosting his knowledge to ensure he is able to give a competent and well-informed service to all of our clients.

Life as an engineer

Tom particularly enjoys working on quieter sites, as he finds it provided a relaxed working environment where there are little distractions and clients needs can be met quickly and efficiently. This can sometimes mean electing to have an early start to have those quiet hours to ensure our clients get the high-quality service we take pride in delivering.

'I find ACL to be a relaxed and accommodating company to work for where everyone gets along'

The best part of the job

Tom works across 3 of our sectors covering 2 out of our 3 disciplines. This means he is often in a different place every couple of days. Tom really likes this aspect as he gets to do something different almost every day. With this comes certain perks such as having the benefit of spending some days working in London and others slightly more local. Tom also takes pride in training up the apprentices, having been an apprentice himself he understands the value of passing down key experience and information to those who are still learning.

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