Fire & Life Safety Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

acl expertise and tailored solutions

To provide a robust and comprehensive service we work closely with a network of trusted, qualified sub-contractors who are third party accredited and work in line with all regulations.

Our services include installing, modifying, and maintaining fire suppression systems such as gas suppression, Ansell systems, and fire mist and sprinkler systems, to suit the environment and individual needs of each site.

A forward-thinking approach

We complete every mechanical and electrical aspect associated with the installation of fire suppression systems. Knowing and understanding that each space is unique, we help recommend the best system for you whether that’s a commercial kitchen or a communications room installation.

By looking ahead, we futureproof our decisions. Our aim is to provide the most effective service with the least possible damage in the event of an emergency.

Working with leading suppliers

We only work with products and components from leading suppliers and manufacturers including Advanced Lux Intelligence, Channel and Forlux.

A network of trusted partners

In order to provide the best service possible, we work closely with a pool of qualified sub-contractors who work to industry regulations to provide a host of tailored fire suppression systems.

Futureproof solutions

We will work with you to recommend the most appropriate system, ensuring both your specific requirements and all regulatory compliance is met.

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