Careers at ACL

At ACL we are not just looking to increase staff numbers - we are passionate about taking the time to find the right people that will add genuine value to our existing team. We are a company that has been built on the people that work within it, and we are very proud of the dedicated and hardworking team of people that have made the company what it is. We truly do believe that we must find, train and develop the right people, to allow the company to strengthen and grow naturally. 

Continual Professional Development

Operating in a technical industry, we need to be able to learn and adapt to ever evolving technological and regulatory changes. We have direct links with most of the leading manufactures in our industry and this allows us to remain at the leading edge with the latest technology. We also have strong links with all the Governing bodies and industry training partners, so can offer the very best training and career progression to all staff, at every level. 

Starting out with ACL

Apprenticeship Scheme

ACL have operated an apprenticeship scheme for the last 25 years, this has been a huge success and has been the company’s primary means of finding and developing future talent. We have multiple engineers, supervisors and managers that stand as testament to this program as they have gone onto other roles within the company. Whether an Electrical Installation Apprenticeship or a tailored Fire and Security Apprenticeship, we work with several local colleges and are always looking to take on several new apprentices each year. 

Trainee Scheme

ACL also operates a Trainee Scheme, this has been running for the last five years and has proven just as successful as the apprenticeship scheme. Where an apprenticeship requires funding, a college placement and day release to college one day a week, the Trainee Scheme allows a much more progressive path into the industry. Following a 3-month induction period, a personal training program is then developed with the trainee and is structured to suit their personal career goals following their initial experiences. During the initial induction period the trainee will experience various roles and environments to assist them in selecting their desired path. The training is then reviewed systematically, adjusted as required and usually is completed within 2-3 years.

If you are interested in joining the team please forward your CV and contact details to Terri Earle at